I was born and raised in New York. I come from an upper-middle class, caucasian family. I have travelled across the U.S. and Overseas. I’ve been through college. I’m married, I’m a mother.

I love learning. I love meeting people. I love sharing.

I used to hate religion, but now I love Islam, and I am much more open to learning about and understanding other religions now that I am Muslim.

My whole perspective has changed.

I’m writing this blog to share with you my experience, my thoughts, the knowledge I’ve gained.

I found something so precious, so priceless to me. I found the answers to all my questions. I found the missing puzzle pieces. It’s something I had thought was impossible to find.

I am also hoping to learn about you and what you think. I want to have a dialogue with you.

I know you have questions, so please feel free to ask.


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How I Found Satisfaction In Islam

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